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Dirty Beauty in Travel Girl Summer 2018

Dirty Beauty is in Travel Girl Summer 2018


Best Locally Made Beauty Products In Atlanta --CBS 46

{PRESS} Based in Atlanta, Dirty Beauty sells beauty products that are a little different and on the “wild” side. Here you get hand-poured and homemade skin care products and cosmetics that start around [$12} each and are made from everything natural. Think mineral-rich muds, clay and even plants. Try the Oatmeal Face Scrub and let yourself recover a little with the Eucalyptus Muscle Balm. Men won’t feel left out with Dirty’s face soap for men and the Planter’s Hand Balm. So get a little “dirty” and use these products that come from “close to the ground.” Dirty Beauty uses nature’s best. 


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'[Dirty Beauty] provides you with options for every step of your skincare regimen, from pre-cleansing to finishing touches. And, just in time for summer, there’s a “Bling Balm” that acts as a body bronzer and will have your skin looking like mirrors.' -- Black Girl Long Hair 

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 '...after learning about Dirty Beauty, an inspiring Georgia-based green cosmetics company, I unearthed another emerging trend that should experience growth as a result of this act: farm-to-bottle beauty...' 

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FORBES -- 'Selling in the field of beauty is a moving target because cosmetic needs,

innovations and desires are changing every moment. The most difficult

barrier I had to overcome to start my business was mastering the art of

selling. I had a preconceived false notion that I was not a ‘saleswoman’.

I believed that I was a developer & maker only. And that misconception was preventing me from completing & flowing in the business cycle. I broke down my self-built barrier by embracing sales and falling in love with it.  I’ve fallen in love with the fact that I get to celebrate and share beauty with the world. Now, my mindset is 'I want to get it from my hands into your hands (and face)’

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'Dirty Beauty Cosmetics is aptly named as it uses farm-fresh and hand harvested herbs and plants as the base for its all natural skincare system. Manufacturing engineering technologist Samantha Dickey (whose grandfather was a farmer) created the unconventional cosmetic collection that starts with skin cleansing and ends with talc-free mineral makeup and lip colors and lip balms.' -- Mocha Carter for Hype Hair