Our Story

Our story begins in the 1950's when my Grandparents purchased farmland in Burke County, Georgia.  My other Grandparents farmed their land too, in Plantersville, South Carolina.

Even though I grew up in Pennsylvania, the farms were my favorite places to visit.

Fast forward to the year 2000, when I first heard the term 'natural skincare', I discovered the ingredients in these new beauty products I just fell in love with are the same plants my Grandparents grew on their farms.

Our parents still grow USDA certified organic produce on these very same farmlands.  This is where both inspiration and formula resources for Dirty Beauty is cultivated.

Realizing that science is at the nucleus of achieving the complexion we desire, Dirty Beauty was established to bring a fun + flirtatious attitude to plant based farm inspired high performance cosmetics.

From farm to FABULOUS!

xoxoxo!  Samantha

On the farm in Burke County, Georgia

On the farm in Burke County, Georgia

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