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Makeup Making Sessions booked via Air BNB Experiences

We have Adult DIY Creative Sessions for making Lipstick & Lip Gloss, Nail Polish and more!  Register to hang out with us & sip on spring water & craft sodas!  DIY Makeup Making Experiences for Adults (and ages 14 and up with a Parent) are just $50 per person!  Check back often for Me & Mini Me Makeup Making & Teen Camps too!  And we have Birthday Parties for teens & kids!

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Here's how it works

Sign up for your Session through our Air BNB Booking Tool (above)

Choose from a list of more than 12 products ranging from Makeup to Vath & Body.  After you selecting the Products you'll make, we'll guide you through your various packaging options, ingredients and tools to bring your imagined creation to reality. 

Next you'll put on a Lab face mask, Hairnet, and latex-free gloves and start mixing! 

You'll get to try on your products and tweak and adjust to make it perfect! 

Finally, you can add your initial or initials to make it really uniquely yours. You're now a Designer Brand!  DIY Parties are located in Woodstock, GA. 

PLEASE NOTE our Makeup Making space is on the 2nd Level and is not wheelchair accessible. Please let us know if you'd like to be notified of when we offer Sessions at the Cherokee Recreation Center, thank you! 

DIY Makeup Making Experiences are for Adults (and ages 14 and up with a Parent) and are just $50 per person!