Oil dissolves oil

The scientific principle of 'like dissolves like' means polar substances dissolve polar substances & non-polar substances dissolve non-polar substances (i.e. oil & water DON'T dissolve each other because water is polar & oil is non-polar)

We formulated STRIP and K19 using this fact.

Oil accumulates on the skin from sebum, pollution, makeup, lotions, hair products & more.

Our skin needs oil to remove oil from the surface.  

Cleansing  first with a properly formulated oil-based wash prepares the skin for exfoliation.

Our 'like dissolves like' tech beauty products

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For your skin, we're using soft gentle grains & flower petals to eliminate dull looking complexions

Abrasive materials have a hardness that is greater than the surface they are polishing.

Our skin loving face exfoliants use the mechanics of abrasion to gently whisk away dry flaky skin.

This action helps keep skin fresh & clear looking & absolutely radiant.

We formulated REVEAL, BUFF, Zn30 & CLEAN Black Soap using this functionality.

Exfoliate gently

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Lock in hydration by minimizing the evaporation of skin plumping & beautifying water droplets

This is one chemistry fact all of us remember from science class!

Our skin pampering face oil mixtures rely on this universal fact.

After cleansing & exfoliating & rinsing, our formulas seal in moisture by allowing you to press our plant-rich oil products on to your face leaving it fresh & dewy.

Our face oils, emulsions & serums make this middle school rule a real beauty booster.

Moisture guaranteed

Drench your skin with water & seal in smooth skin.  Use SHEER, LOVE, SHAMELESS, PURIFY & Ca20.  Contact us & we'll help you choose the formulas that are best for your complexion.


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