Beauty is a {dirty} business

Natural skincare made with plants that were just picked from the earth!

Dirty Beauty combines science & technology to create natural skincare and makeup that delivers clear smooth amazing looking skin!

We use fresh flowers & herbs from farms and farmer's markets where it's fresh from the {dirty} garden soil.

Plant-based is what we're all about!  Organic & cold-pressed formulas and gentle preservation when needed, #dirtybeauty is #cleanbeauty!

Dirty Beauty cutting organic flowers and herbs

Dirty Beauty cutting organic flowers and herbs


About us {ROOTS}



I love beauty products + makeup + spas so when I learned the term, Natural Beauty, I was immediately drawn to the fact that my grandparents grew some of the ingredients I learned were a part of plant-based skin care. 

I am inspired by my family’s rich history in farming. And with my skill set in Lab science + manufacturing, launching Dirty Beauty is a natural fit!

The road to manufacturing natural beauty started as an unpaved path. A peeking through the trees. Seeing a destination of plant-based high-performance designer skin care and cosmetics is where we are constantly seeking become more and more a part of. 

Struggles include learning about the myriad of dynamic formula ingredients and how they interact with both each other and the surface of the skin.

Constant research and development coupled with sales and marketing. Package design and manufacturing and distribution. Bringing skill and art to every part of the supply chain is constant and constantly changing. 

The struggles and challenges required to persist and get ahead of the toil is what synthesizes innovation and positive impact!

Our company draws inspiration from our history of family farming. And we have a love for engineering, science and technology. We develop skincare and cosmetics at the beautiful intersection of these two planes. 

We are known for ‘staying as close to the ground/farmer as possible.’ We thrive on using plant materials from our region and transforming them into high-performance skincare and cosmetics that is both backed by science and stunning to behold.

We are farm to face. However, we are really Farm to Lab/Science to Face. We check in with technology and prove our beauty methods of action. And we LOVE pretty packaging that treats the earth gently.

We are very proud of our commitment to enriching the futures of our youth with our STEM Beauty Camps and Curriculum. I am happy to say that I am a Discover E Girl Day Role Model. We suggest STEM fields as higher education and career path for both girls and boys.

On our STEM Beauty Camp website, we offer DIY Beauty Making Kits for individuals. We also have a site exclusively for Educators and Youth Group Leaders that offers tools to increase awareness of the possibilities in STEM to girls ages 7 to 17.

Our plans for the future include more research, more development, more innovative and groundbreaking beauty formulas produced with unexpected plant materials and cutting-edge lab created ingredients to achieve the amazing complexions we crave.

It is our continual goal to demonstrate the glamorous beauty that results at the union of farming and science!

XOXOXO!  Samantha




'...POWER COMES FROM BEING BEAUTIFUL INSIDE & OUT...' -Cassie VanDyke @ Dress for Success

This quote is from a community change agent at Dress for Success. 

We are grateful to be able contribute to work that we crave AND assist others at the exact same time on multiple levels.  

We know that beauty yields confidence.  It's an invisible benefit yet very noticeable.  We feel it ourselves when we rock our Bold Red Lipstick!

Your purchases initiate Manufacturing of empowering skincare & cosmetics.  When we're producing your beauty essentials, we Manufacture an excess amount to donate to organizations that provide Prom Dresses for teens and organizations that Outfit women as they seek entry or re-entry into the mainstream workforce.

Thanks Y'all! 


The {SALT OF THE EARTH} Lifestyle is about having clear toned firm healthy looking skin using STRIP + REVEAL + SHEER and doing the same in our Lifestyle!  

Stripping off what holds us back; Revealing our uniqueness; and spreading Sheer love.  

Cool right!

Put on your Dirty Beauty BOLD RED Liquid Lipstick and let's CHANGE THE WORLD for the better!

Get you Dirty Beauty Skincare supplies & join us!


{down to earth}

Our story begins in the 1950's when my Grandparents purchased farmland in Burke County, Georgia.  My other Grandparents farmed their land too, in Plantersville, South Carolina.

Even though I grew up in Pennsylvania, the farms were my favorite places to visit.

Fast forward to the year 2000, when I first heard the term 'natural skincare', I discovered the ingredients in these new beauty products I just fell in love with are the same plants my Grandparents grew on their farms.

Our parents still grow USDA certified organic produce on these very same farmlands.  This is where both inspiration and formula resources for Dirty Beauty is cultivated.

Realizing that science is at the nucleus of achieving the complexion we desire, Dirty Beauty was established to bring a fun + flirtatious attitude to plant based farm inspired high performance cosmetics.

From farm to FABULOUS!

On the farm in Burke County, Georgia

On the farm in Burke County, Georgia

{farm girl + LAB TECH}

Samantha Dickey is a native of the state of Pennsylvania.  She grew up in the town of State College and in the outskirts of Pittsburgh, PA. During her childhood, Samantha enjoyed visiting the farms owned by her Grandparents.  Her upbringing cultivated a love and curiosity for everything that is harvested from the earth.

Equipped with a BS in Electrical Engineering Technology, corporate skills & passion for  Lab Science, Microbiology, Quality Control, Production, High Volume Blending, Graphics, Manufacturing, Plastics, and more, Samantha began formulating skin care based on the principals of math and science and the methodology of Feedback Control.

She has developed over 100 successful beauty formulas and counting. 

Dirty Beauty Founder

Dirty Beauty Founder

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